Evan on July 28th, 2008

Image by ninjapoodles Many of us feel overwhelmed. It seems to me that this is worst for parents. Parents are expected to be ideal parent’s, partners, lovers and providers as well. The expectations are ludicrous, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel them. (I’m not a parent, this is my observation from the media […]

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Evan on July 25th, 2008

There are a couple of courses I’d like to tell you about if you are interested in making money from blogging. First is Yaro Starak’s BlogMastermind. It is six months long and you can pay in monthly instalments via Paypal, so it is very convenient. I have done the course and I like it a […]

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Evan on July 23rd, 2008

Image by Krosstok What’s the formula? Stay open and stay with it, and it works. This is my formula for psychotherapy and relationships in general. It is simple but demanding. Being simple it means it is easy to understand and keep in your head as a reference. I find it specific enough and general enough […]

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Evan on July 22nd, 2008

It’s been a while since I did a post about other blogs. So here’s the stuff I’ve found in my recent travels around the blogosphere. It’s quite a mixed bag, so there’s hopefully something for everyone. Most of them are about health but there are also a couple about business. They go from physically living […]

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Evan on July 21st, 2008

Image by alex-s Normally my blog posts I think are quite focused and intense. Today I thought I’d try kicking back, being a bit more relaxed and just chatting about what’s been happening with me. 1. The big event of the week was my blog getting taken down by my server host. I have a […]

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Evan on July 18th, 2008

Image by littledan77 There is much advice on blogs about how to get your message across. This embraces advice like: have a good attention grabbing headline, tell stories, be entertaining and so on. This is all sensible, but I’d like to examine it a bit. Sometimes things are the reverse of what we expect. I […]

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Evan on July 16th, 2008

Apologies, my site was taken down by my bog hosting provider. If you couldn’t find my site for the last day or so this was the reason. The problem was probably that a spike of traffic from StumbleUpon occupied too much of the server that I share. It should be fixed now, we installed a […]

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Evan on July 16th, 2008

Just a quickie to point you to a post on anorexia in men by Isabella Mori of Change Therapy (you will find a link to her blog in my Blogroll). Anorexia in men is, I think, not thought about nearly enough. Isabella is reporting a study that attempts to re-dress the balance of the focus […]

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