Evan on March 19th, 2008

 Image by Peter Kaminski Out of all the shades of all the emotions in the world, we tend to have some favourites. Some of us go through life being bemused, others angry or sad.  Not all the time of course.  We don’t paint our lives just one colour – but we do seem to choose […]

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Image by misocrazy One of the surprises that the early psychiatrists came across was that, “awareness itself cures”. What they were referring to is the kind of experience that probably most of us have had. Times like: we are talking about something we do and don’t understand why. Then the person we are talking to […]

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Evan on March 14th, 2008

Image by Just Taken Pics I read a post on a blog a couple of days ago (which had best remain nameless). The writer told us he was tired of negative people – he didn’t want to hear their complaints or listen to their whining. He (you guessed it was a he perhaps) was sure […]

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Evan on March 13th, 2008

The blog Reason-4-Smile is about “turning limitations into advantages” and “helping introverts to be successful”. It is Robert’s story about working with his intoversion. I think he sees it a little too much as a problem for my liking. However there is huge amount of very good content on his blog. The post which lays […]

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Evan on March 12th, 2008

Image by procsilas A good friend of mine, Paul Wildman, is a futurist.  This is a bit unusual today.  There was a time when ‘futurologists’ and ‘futurists’ were quite often in the media – especially people like Alvin Toffler. I think the futurists became less prominent in the media when people realised that they weren’t […]

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Evan on March 12th, 2008

This post is just a brief one to ask your opinion.  A normal one will follow in a few hours. I would like your advice on what direction this blog should head in.  At the moment the comments I get are normally on the relationship and pyschology posts.  This may be because these are easier […]

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Evan on March 10th, 2008

This is just a link to a great post on Healing the Past. It is on Cathy Crovis’ blog Ripples of Improvement.  I have recommended this blog before – you will find a link to it in the blogroll in the sidebar on the left. In this post Cathy lays out the reasons to heal […]

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Evan on March 8th, 2008

One commenter on my last post (Connecting with the Emotion) pointed me to a website she has set up to provide a place of listening and mutual support. It’s called bigwhitewall.com. Here is what she said. I set up a dedicated emotional health website bigwhitewall.com to provide a space for listening and mutual support. It […]

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