Evan on May 8th, 2007

Everything in the world can be seen to be made up of details. Everything in the world is a whole and part of a bigger picture. We usually have a preference for one side of this story – the big picture or the detail. Picture something or someone precious to you. Is it one or […]

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Evan on May 7th, 2007

In our culture yang (the active) is usually valued more than yin (the receptive). This leads to us needing to have more yin in our life. Firstly, this means getting enough sleep. Secondly it means injecting a little more yin into our day. The worlds most popular way of doing this is meditation. This is […]

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Evan on May 4th, 2007

There are two ways to decide about something. In the view of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI – based on the work of Carl Jung in Psychological Types) these are called Thinking and Feeling. The two ways for deciding are: According to rational criteria tends to have to do with linear plans and priorities (labelled […]

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Evan on May 3rd, 2007

There is much advice about telling us what to eat. Some of it is the search for the one wonder food that will guarantee us good health. Even if this was successful, who would want to eat just one thing? So we need to find out what is good for us. We also need a […]

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Evan on May 2nd, 2007

We are often told to follow our bliss.  I’d like to say that it is also useful to follow our pain. Pain is nature’s way of getting our attention. Deadening it with pain killers isn’t a good first option.  It is better to first find out what is causing us pain.  Then we may need […]

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Evan on May 1st, 2007

Qi gong is a health practise engaged in by huge numbers in China. It may well be the reason why some many Chinese people are able to maintain good health well into old age. And you can do it to. But first a little background. What does “qi gong” mean? “Qi” roughly speaking means energy, […]

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