Evan on July 4th, 2010

This blog has now moved to Living Authentically. This will be the last post to appear on this blog.

This is a big relief for me. It means my blog and products will be able to be all in the one place. I have moved all the content from wellbeingandhealth to there, so nothing is lost.

This process has taken me much longer than I hoped it would. Apologies for the infrequent posts of late, this has been the reason.

I hope that you have benefited from this blog and so will keep following me on the new blog. To make it easier to follow my posts there are a couple of options. First, for those who feel at home with blogs there is RSS subscritpion. You subscribe by clicking on the orange button – you will then receive each post I do when I do it in your reader. You can click on the big orange button, which subscribes you through the blog; or the smaller orange button in the first sidebar, which subscribes you through feedburner. Second, if you don’t have a feedreader, or are less familiar with these kinds of things, you can receive each post when I publish it into your email inbox – simply type your email where you want the post delivered into the box at the top of the first sidebar.

I also do a free weekly newsletter. This is a quick post each week to give a practical tip about living more authentically – with ourselves and with others. To be put on the mailing list for my newsletter, on the Living Authentically site, just click on the link in the sidebar headed “Newsletter”, and you will be taken to a page where you can give the email address that you would like it to be delivered to.

On the new site, I also have a free report on living with authenticity. To get a copy click on the link called “My Free Report”, below the newsletter link in the sidebar. It is a PDF of about fifty pages full of practical exercises on living with authenticity so that you can experience a life of lasting satisfaction.

Over the next few weeks I will doing some tweaking of the new blog – adding product pages and the option of booking individual sessions with me, as well as pages that will be a guide to the new blog.

Would those of you who have been kind enough to link to wellbeingandhealth on your blogs please change the link to Living Authentically, I’d be very grateful?

I will also be becoming an affiliate for the first time. (For those not familiar with blogspeak, this means selling someone else’s product for a percentage of the sale price – the online equivalent of retailing.) This will be for Nacie’s Happy Rich system, which I think is excellent. In the meantime you can find out about it and buy if from Nacie here.

I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from wellbeingandhealth, I look forward to seeing you on Living Authentically, Evan.

Evan on June 29th, 2010

My partner and I are processing some disappointments in our lives. Not life and death stuff (more about where we live and so on) but significant to us. We also have some friends who are handling major health problems. Which has lead me to think about the process of grieving – and how it applies to more than just someone we are close to dying.

I have done a post about grieving on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog. It is called Good Grieving: finding a new normal. I take the perspective that grieving is about a loss of what was normal for us and the process of finding a new normal. I hope you like it, Evan.

Evan on June 23rd, 2010

As we go through life we learn shortcuts – ideas we refer to, habits we develop. This is essential I think – if we had to figure out every time how to start a car or whether we liked a food or not, our lives would rapidly become unliveable.

That is, we learn what we like, and what the world is like, in advance. But how is this different to simple prejudice – judging a situation before we have met it (or met it only briefly and superficially). This is the subject of my guest post on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog. It is called, “Does Learning Create Prejudice“. I hope you like it, Evan.

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Evan on June 22nd, 2010

Australia, where I live, is probably the skin cancer capital of the world. (It may have something to do with white skinned people adopting an outdoors lifestyle in a sunny climate.)

There was a very good response to this by the Australian government. They ran a huge education campaign about the dangers of skin cancer. (One of the skin cancers, melanoma, is one of the most virulent cancers. If you have a mole that may have changed colour or shape, please get it checked. My partner checked, three years ago now – if she hadn’t then she would very likely be dead by now.)

The government campaign was: slip, slop, slap. (Slip on a shirt, slap on some sunscreen, slap on a hat.)

My partner and I practised this faithfully. We also avoided going out during high the high UV time of day. (This is published online in Australia, for each region, by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology).

In fact it seems that we practised it too well. It seems that my partner may now have a low Vitamin D count (or a very mild deficiency).

The research on Vitamin D and its role in physical and mental health is relatively new. However it does seem that somes things are clear enough to take notice of.

A lack of Vitamin D may be linked to depression and other psychiatric disorders. This is a small study – and I don’t think it proves causation; but it is worth noting.

Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to some forms of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. A good overview is given in this video from Australia’s ABC TV.

In general the conclusion seems to be that we need about 15 minutes of sun falling on at least 15% of our skin (arms as well as face) each day. To avoid the dangers of skin cancer do this outside the peak times for UV (between 9-3 in most parts of Australia most of the year). This will vary depending on the season and where you live.

You can find information on the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency and non-medical options for treatment on this page.

Enjoy the summer, if you’re in the northern hemisphere (but look after your skin), enjoy the winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere (and get some sunlight on your skin everyday if you can).


Evan on June 17th, 2010

Nacie Carson is a long-time blogging friend who has just released an excellent product called the Happy Rich System. It is for those who no longer wish to do work just so they can make enough to live on.

It is a video and accompanying worksheets. (There is also the option of buying Nacie’s book at the same time.)

I have seen the video – it is clearly delivered, logically laid out, and provides all you need to know to start your own on line business. It is not salesy hype but do-able steps in a logical sequence.

If you are looking for a change from working for others, this is an excellent guide to building your own income on line. Find out about it here.

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Evan on June 16th, 2010

Last week on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog I had a guest post about whether there is an experience of belief. I have a follow-up post there this week on whether there are experiences of spirit or what we call spiritual experiences. The post is called: Is there an experience of spirit?

My thinking is that spirituality needs to be able to define what is different about spiritual experiences (being different to intellectual or emotional experience). If you feel that you have had experiences of spirit I would like to hear from you in the comments in the post. I think spirituality is something that we need to talk about. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Evan on June 9th, 2010

On the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog I have a guest post about belief. Recently a friend and I have been having an email exchange about authenticity, what this means for our experience and whether this is compatible with any kind of belief.

It has been an extremely stimulating dialogue and got me thinking about what I mean when I say ‘belief’. And how this relates to what I mean when I say ‘experience’. I don’t have a settled answer to this.

The post is called Is There an Experience of Belief? It is about exploring this whole matter – I use the example of what it means that me and my partner believe we will be together for life. I hope you like the post. I am very keen to hear how others experience belief and any thoughts they may have about how this fits with experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Evan.

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Evan on June 5th, 2010

For most of the next week I’ll be busy attending a conference – as well as travelling to and from it. I guess this is more of a change than a holiday. I don’t know that I’ll get to post much during this time. If the blog is a bit quiet for the next week or so, this is the reason.

I’m making some changes to this blog in the next little while. I’ll be moving it to the Living Authentically website, so that this blog and the products that I sell are all in one place. I needed to have them split for business reasons when I started Living Authentically, but no longer need to do this. It will feel much nicer for me to have most of what I do all in one place.

The hassle will be that if you wish to keep receiving posts you will need to click on the RSS subscription button again. Or you can receive the posts by email by entering your email address in the box provided. The button and the email subscription box are both located at the top of the column to the right of this post. I hope you have enjoyed the posts I have done and that you will want to keep receiving them. If not, I want to say thankyou for your support, and I hope that you have benefitted from my blog.

I have also finally got organised enough to use an autoresponder to deliver my newsletter. The tech stuff is a bit of a hassle for me; a geek I’m not.

Until now I have been sending the emails by hand. Apologies if there have been mistakes, this is the reason. This means that I will be putting all of you who receive my newsletter in at the same time, so that all of you who currently receive the newsletter will all receive the same one from now on. I have been sending the newsletter once a week for the best part of two years (with the exception of one week, where I let things get on top of me). I am now into the mid- to high-nineties for the newsletters. If you would like to have the newsletters between the one you are up to and the rest so far, just let me know and I’ll email them to you.

I’m also making a new product at the moment. It will be a weekly reminder to tune in to your self, to make a habit of authenticity. I think it will be targeted at bloggers, to help them re-connect with why they got into blogging in the first place; and of benefit in other parts of their lives too.

I’ll be making these changes over the next couple of weeks. Hope it all goes smoothly.

As you can see lots is happening in my part of the blogosphere. I hope life is good where you are, Evan.

Would you like to feel less stressed?
Could you do with more joy in your life?

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